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Methera and Kythera Space Solutions Partner to Deliver Advanced Broadband and Space Domain Awareness Services

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom and Bethesda, MD United States, 14 March 2024 – Methera Global Communications (Methera), an innovative UK satellite operator who begins launching a new multifunctional MEO constellation in 2027, and Kythera Space Solutions (Kythera), the leader in dynamic management systems for next-generation payloads and SATCOM networks, have partnered to deliver advanced broadband and space domain awareness services. This partnership leverages Kythera’s Operating System (KOS) to manage and optimize Methera’s constellation of sophisticated satellites, enabling Methera to deliver a wide range of advanced services.

The Methera MEO constellation promises reliable, high-capacity density (bandwidth delivered per km2) broadband to transient and underserved markets; including Governments and Corporations. By leveraging Methera’s Low-Cost User Terminal and Community Cluster Technology, along with the Kythera Operating System for dynamic resource management and SATCOM network optimization, Methera will provide dynamic broadband services, supporting both fixed and mobile users whilst mitigating interference and adverse events to ensure the highest quality service at all times. The Methera-Kythera partnership also means that Methera will become a conduit for seamless integration with services from complementary satellite operators in any orbit, uniquely supporting a new model of global satellite broadband that fully supports interoperability and the ubiquitous delivery of satellite services, powered by KOS.

Beyond broadband, Methera’s constellation altitude in inclined MEO orbits make it uniquely positioned to provide Space Domain Awareness (SDA) services, monitoring human-made and natural objects such as space debris and satellite activity in LEO and GEO orbits. Together, Methera and Kythera are partnering to advance the state of the art in SDA, bringing together research and development from both sides of the Atlantic to deliver actionable, real-time intelligence to significantly improve the protection of space assets and national critical infrastructures.

Chris McIntosh, Methera’s CEO said, “This is an exciting opportunity to develop a strategic technology partnership that combines the complementary expertise, knowledge and intellectual property rights of both companies. We have been extremely impressed with the flexibility, dynamism, and scope of Kythera’s OS capabilities, as well as their expertise in next-gen satellite systems, and see great value in partnering during this key stage of Methera’s growth and development.”

Jeff Freedman, Kythera’s CEO said, “Methera’s vision to provide multifunctional satellite services that encompass both broadband SATCOM service and SDA is unique in the industry. We are extremely excited at the opportunity to bring Kythera’s expertise and technology to bear to help make Methera’s groundbreaking vision a reality."

About Methera:

Methera is a pioneering UK based company with the vision to address the expanding, worldwide demand for satellite broadband connectivity and Space Domain Awareness in alignment with terrestrial and emerging communication infrastructures. Leveraging satellites in Medium Earth Orbit, Methera is poised to enhance global connectivity and the protection of national infrastructures and space assets by concentrating on transient and difficult to reach targets and areas of interest. Methera Global Communication is headquartered in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. For more information, visit:


Contact Methera Global Communications:

Greg Wieczorek

About Kythera:

Kythera Space Solutions is the leading provider of dynamic management systems for next-generation satellite payloads and networks. Kythera’s software solutions manage and optimize your satellite resources along with your ground-based assets, providing fully autonomous, real-time space network provisioning and operations that take full advantage of today’s flexible, high-throughput satellites. The Kythera Operating System (KOS) is the emerging industry standard for powering dynamic, autonomous SATCOM. Kythera Space Solutions is headquartered in Bethesda, MD, USA. For more information, please visit: www.kythera.space.

Contact Kythera Space Solutions:

Andy Musliner

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