• Satellite Design & Sourcing
  • Planning
  • Autonomous, Real-Time Operations

Satellite Design & Sourcing

Figure out the best satellites to use for your particular project needs.

  • Evaluate candidate designs
  • Optimize satellite designs to best meet business/mission needs


Make sure the resources are in place to help you meet your goals.

  • Ensure resource plans are optimized to meet service needs.

Autonomous, Real-Time Operations

The Kythera OS provisions satellite service automatically and makes ongoing autonomous decisions necessary to preserve each user’s signal.

  • Autonomously command and align space and ground resources to optimize service across your network, minute-by-minute.
  • Adapt on-the-fly to changing service needs and operational conditions, in space and on the ground.
  • Manage and optimize, across your entire fleet and network.

Dynamic Space Network Management System

Adaptive Beamforming

Beamforming technology enables you to shape a segment of spectrum as it illuminates the geography. Kythera uses advanced beamforming algorithms to solve complex service requirements. We generate optimized beam patterns that meet demand requirements while employing carefully formed nulls to reduce interference. Surgically reshaping the circular footprint of a beam enables optimal spectrum reuse even in situations with tightly packed demand terminals. Leveraging hyper-optimized beamforming algorithms, Kythera increases your ability to proportionately distribute spectrum to demand terminals. This increased resolution enables you to share the same bandwidth segment more times without generating excess interference, improving the volume and quality of service overall.

Capacity Optimization

Kythera software optimizes beam shape, beam laydown, and channel plans, yielding optimized capacity. These optimizations meet capacity and RF power targets within spectrum and interference constraints even in complex scenarios involving multiple beam sizes with weighted demand in non-uniform distribution. Beyond service planning, these functionalities can be achieved in response to real time events.

As customer demand shifts, Kythera software reallocates bandwidth and reforms beams according to real-time satellite capabilities to generate optimal solutions in a changing environment.

The system calculates a full link budget for each carrier at each point of demand and exposes complete interference metrics for each point as well as aggregated per beam or across services. The user enjoys a rich visual interface for defining satellites and scenario parameters as well as examining and tweaking an optimization. A variety of exports enable you to view results externally or incorporate them into other systems.