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Why Kythera?

We make the SATCOM Operating System that manages your satellite payload, coordinates it with the rest of your in-orbit and ground-based assets, and autonomously optimizes your entire fleet to best serve you and your customers. With Kythera, you can provision and manage satellite service dynamically, improve quality of service, and lower your cost per useful bit. All autonomously.


Kythera’s intelligent, real-time systems make it easy to harness the full power of your most advanced high-throughput satellites, enabling you to maximize capacity and service.


The Kythera OS plans and re-plans, configuring and reconfiguring your satellite and ground components, minute-by-minute.


The Kythera OS provisions satellite service automatically and makes ongoing autonomous decisions necessary to preserve each user’s signal.


The Kythera OS anticipates and automatically compensates for risks and threats to satellite communications service, including weather, hardware failure, and interference.


We integrate with your payload control software, gateways, modem platforms, terminals, and enterprise systems for fully orchestrated SATCOM service.


Increase your satellite, fleet, and constellation capacity by optimizing power, bandwidth, coverage, frequency, beam shape and laydown, and routing plans. With Kythera, you deliver service and capacity exactly where and when it’s needed.

I’m proud to have Kythera teaming with us to deliver our Space Inspire Ground mission segment. We consider Kythera's expertise as unique: Managing and optimizing software-defined satellites and SATCOM networks. Their groundbreaking Kythera Operating System (KOS) sets the gold standard and offers our customers the easiest way to take advantage of an SDS satellite."

Jean-Luc Almeida

Product Line Manager - Thales Alenia Space Ground & Service

“In choosing Kythera as the latest technology partner in the O3b mPOWER ecosystem, SES is laying down a key building block in the realisation of that strategy – the ability to fully integrate the power of our space resources with the latest network software innovation.”

Stewart Sanders

Executive Vice President of Technology, SES Networks

Recent News

Methera and Kythera Space Solutions Partner to Deliver Advanced Broadband and Space Domain Awareness Services

Methera leverages the Kythera Operating System standard to power its Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) constellation and bring integrated SATCOM and space-based data collection services to market.

Space Systems Command Awards Enterprise Management & Control (EM&C) Phase 2 Contract to RKF Engineering Team

Team includes RKF Engineering, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, Ascension Engineering Group, and Kythera Space Solutions

Kythera Space Solutions Supports Team Raytheon on Recently Awarded Evolved Strategic SATCOM (ESS) GRIFFON Program

Space Systems Command (SSC) announced the award of a prototype demonstration agreement to Team Raytheon for the Evolved Strategic SATCOM (ESS) Framework and Integration portions of the ESS ground segment, known as GRIFFON.