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SATCOM Management

Sophisticated communication satellites with on-board channelization and beam forming capabilities promise satellite operators and their customers extraordinary flexibility. But, they also bring newfound complexity that simply can’t be managed using traditional methods or systems.

Designed for satellite manufacturers and operators, Kythera’s intelligent, real-time systems make it easy to harness the full power of your most advanced high-throughput satellites, enabling you to maximize capacity and service.

Kythera’s Dynamic Space Network Operating System manages and optimizes satellite and network resources, increasing your satellite, fleet, and constellation capacity by optimizing power, bandwidth, coverage, frequency, beam shape and laydown, and routing plans. With Kythera, you deliver service and capacity exactly where and when it’s needed.

Our patented Virtual Satellite Hubs empower your customers with the ability to manage their own virtual satellite, with beams, routing, and power levels all under their control.