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Capacity Optimization

For Satellite Manufacturers: Your newest flexible satellites can do just about anything. They have on-board processors, channelizers, and beam formers that make them the Swiss army knife of satellites. But how can you prove your satellite will provide the capacity and coverage your customers actually need them to? Kythera’s capacity optimization solutions enable you to quickly iterate on your satellite payload design based on the specific business scenarios you and your customers are proposing. Get results in seconds, not in a week. Prove your satellite’s value immediately. In proposals. In your executive meetings. In front of your customer.

For Satellite Operators: You’re thinking ahead. Your next satellite will be supremely flexible, with an on-board processor, channelizer, beam former, and maybe a toaster (maybe not). But is all that flexibility actually going to meet your service / mission needs? Kythera’s capacity optimization solutions enable to quickly evaluate candidate satellite payload designs based on your business use cases and demand scenarios. Now you have a way to confidently select a satellite that will in fact deliver on its flexible promises and meet your specific needs. Use in business case and satellite design planning, in RFPs, in vendor selection, and throughout the satellite’s lifecycle.